CLRI August 2019

CLRI August 2019 brings to you a beautiful collection of RESEARCH PAPERS by Dr. Prerna Malhotra, Debalina Banerjee Roychowdhury, Dr Dalip Khetarpal¸ Dr Ranjana Sunil Alexiose, Dr Shujaat Hussain; INTERVIEW of Sourish Roy, Debaprasad Mukherjee; STORIES by Laura Solomon, Niels Hav, Nigel Ford; POEMS by Andrew McLean, Dr. Ezhil Vendhan, Dr Kasarla Ranga Rao, Dr Ravindra Pratap Singh, Dr Rony Nair, Dr Sagar Mal Gupta, Srinivas Sampath; BOOK REVIEWS on Dr Savita B Singh’s The Road and The Lamp, Esi Edugyan’s Washington Black, Geetashree Chatterjee’s A Basketful of Lies, Khurshid Alam’s Investigative Poetry & Other Poems and Saugata Chakraborty’s They Go To Sleep.

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Published: 2019-08-05