Aim & Scope

Contemporary Literary Review India (CLRI) strives to publish original and new writing in English literature and language. We prefer innovative themes in fiction narrative, subjects, and topics. As innovative format an author has, so high chance is for the selection. CLRI welcomes authors from around the world irrespective of geographical or gender barriers.

Standard of Research Papers

CLRI accepts research papers in literary critical analysis. We encourage authors to explore the hitherto unexplored areas in the field of English literature and language. We follow MLA style guide for research papers, however, we prefer the research papers that have ample number of citations, incitation, footnotes, endnotes, references, quotations, and bibliography.

Every research paper must necessarily include abstract, keywords, main analysis, bibliography, author’s correct and complete bio along with a picture.

Research papers must be well written, edited, and well formatted. Submit your research papers to our journal directly.

Submission Policy

We have clearly written policy on what to submit, how to submit, and what not to submit along with other submission compliance. Authors are requested to strictly read and follow all our submission guidelines (download PDF). Submissions may be returned to authors who do not adhere to these guidelines.

Copyright Permission

We follow globally recognized policy of copyright permission. Authors are required to check the copyright permission thoroughly. 

Previously Unpublished

We do not publish any previously published article. We consider previously published articles as duplicate. Authors are strictly cautioned against this unethical practice. We may even bar such authors from submitting to us next time if we find they breached our submission guidelines knowingly. Authors are requested to refer to COPE guidelines of ethical publication practices. 

Simultaneous Submission

We allow simultaneous submission. However, we expect that the authors must immediately inform us as soon as the same article is selected or published elsewhere. If we find the same article already published, it may fall in the category of previously published. 

Selection Process

Contemporary Literary Review India is a peer-reviewed and double-blind reviewed journal. It follows a strong editorial process. Selection is based on merit of the material, though we aim to publish as many writers as possible. Given the fact that we receive hundreds of submissions each reading cycle, we select around not more than 60-70% of the submissions received. Our aim is to promote both new and established writers.

We pick up the submissions based on the submission dates only. Generally, it takes 1-2 schedule times, 3-6 months to make any final decision. Sometimes, it may take longer to make a decision whether an article is selected or rejected, based on submission numbers. We’ll keep you updated about the status. Please wait until you hear from us.

Each article is read by 3 editors. Each editor gives a score. Based on the total score, the article is selected. During the process of selection, we keep the authors informed. However, any article can be declined at any point of time. 

How an article is selected?
Selection of an article follows three cycles.

(1) Plagiarism Check: First we check if any article has plagiarized or duplicate content. Any content that is copied from anyone else’s article without proper citation is considered plagiarism. Even if the authors copy from their own articles either partially or full or have once published the same articles elsewhere, we consider such articles duplicate.

We follow a rigorous method to check for plagiarism and duplicity

(2) Subject and Theme: We check the theme and subject of the articles. Although in literature, the scope of doing research on same topic and subject is acceptable and widely practiced, we check whether article is just an imitation of other articles.

(3) Standard of English Language: We check the standard of English language. We urge the authors to follow The Chicago Manual of Style for English language and the MLA style to format research papers.

Why an article can be declined?
Rejection may be because of the following reasons:
(1) Authors don’t conform to the submission guidelines.
(2) Submitted articles are found appearing elsewhere.
(3) English language is of poor standard.

How to Submit?

We prefer online submission. Please submit here. Make Submission Now! In case of technical issue, you may send your submission to: clrijournal(at)

For you, see Aim & Scope, Submission Guidelines (download PDF).

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