Book Reviews

Contemporary Literary Review India (CLRI) promotes authors and their books. We believe that there are hundreds of good authors who do not get the exposure or marketing they deserve for various reasons. We welcome books published in English language from all types of publishers and authors from across the world. We welcome books from small publishers, large publishers, traditional publishers, indie publishers, self-published authors, Print-on-Demand (POD) publishers.

Contemporary Literary Review India has two policies for considering book reviews.

(1) Publishing Book Reviews: If you have got your book reviewed by someone and want to get it published, submit it to us. The reviews will be queued for the next reading cycle. Please note it may take some time given the huge number of submissions or space issue. We don’t charge any fee for publishing any article. If you have book reviews with us, you will get published without any fee.

(2) Get Your Book Reviewed & Published: If you want us to write a review, there is a fee for this. You can send us a book and we will write a book review.

Standard Reviews

  • We have dedicated reviewers for different genres. Our reviewers are generally authors, professional reviewers, professors and experts in their fields.
  • Editors oversee the reviews to ensure high standard. We have our editorial guidelines for writing book reviews.
  • Though we write reviews for a fee, the reviews are impartial. We do not judge, rather we highlight strong sides.


  • We process the book for reviews at the earliest.
  • We publish the reviews in the next issue. There is no waiting period.
  • We conduct interviews with the authors whose book we review. This helps the authors to remain in publishing circulation.

What We Require

  • You need to mail us one paperback copy of the book to our address.
  • You need to send one soft coy (PDF) to our email address. Don’t worry that your book may become viral and will be distributed for free.

Fee for Review

  • Send an enquiry for fee to authornbooks(at)