• CLRI August 2018 CLRI August 2018
    Vol 5 No 3

    Vol 5 No 3: CLRI August 2018 brings to you a beautiful collection of RESEARCH PAPERS by Anees Al-Absi (Interrogating Richard Burton's Arabian Nights: Harem Literature and the Question of Representational Authenticity), Jameel Ahmed Al Ghaberi (Arab Anglophone Fiction: A New Voice in Post-9/11 America), Jayantika Chakraborty (The Role of Guilt in Ian McEwan’s Atonement), Dr G Nirmala Siva (The Use of English Language in the Short Stories of Bharati Mukherjee “Darkness”, “The Middleman and Other Stories”), Sonali Ganguly (An Overview of the World Literature: Theories and Models); STORIES by Debasis Tripathy (Ranjan), Jisha Rajesh (Aparajita – The Invincible), Dr Manash Bakshi (Pawn), Tuhin Harit (Rear View), Zia Marshall (Loving Anjali); POEMS by Abhishek Banderao Chatorikar (Knowledge), Aswin Vijayan (Visitor, Atlas, In the beginning), Debasish Parashar (there is a city inside your body, Infinity is Finite, Drunken Selfies), Dike Okoro (Pronouncement, Not asking too much), Feneena S Mohamed (The Flood), Parneet Jaggi (A Dramatic Story of Humans), Ram Krishna Singh (Season’s Prick, Quakes in Elements, Nude Delight, Echoes Haunt), Ravi Teja Mandapaka (Mr Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky The Socrates of Literature), Reena P. G. (Oasis), Sourya Acharya (Hopes Must Stay Alive!!), Vishal Khullar (Ghazal); BOOK REVIEWS on Dike Okoro's Letter to Aisha and Other Stories (Benjamin Kwakye) and Daniel Dragomirescu’s Oameni ?i Marionete / Men and Puppets (Neil Leadbeater).

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  • CLRI May 2018 CLRI May 2018
    Vol 5 No 2

    CLRI May 2018: Vol 5, No 2 brings to you a beautiful collection of RESEARCH PAPERS by Dr. Tatavarty Radhakrishna Murty, Dike Okoro, Namrata Pathak, Dr Nabarun Ghosh, Gontumukkala Nirmala, Dr S Somasundari Latha; STORIES by Papa Rao Jayanthi, Dr Anirudh Kala, Siddhant Shekhar; POEMS by Rochish Mon, Shayan Sarkar¸ Keerthi Sudhakar Vasishta, Ajit Kumar Khatai, Laura Solomon, Richa Tripathi; Book REVIEWs on I Had Also Loved Someone (Author: Nitish Raj) and Environment Conservation Through Religion (Author: Shambhu Prasad Singh).

  • CLRI May 2015
    Vol 2 No 3

    Vol 2 No 1: CLRI February 2015 brings to you a beautiful collection of RESEARCH PAPERS by Dr. Amrita Basu, Rudrani Gangpadhyay; STORIES by Ajay Pratap, Ameen Fayaz, Dan Corfield, Dr Ranjana Sunil Alexiose, Ranjeet Singh, Katta Rajamouly; POEMS by Lakshmy Menon Chatterjee, Merlin Flower, Pinaki Dewan, Raad Kareem Abd-Aun, Snehal Deb, Tatjana Debeljacki; BOOK REVIEW by Rumpa Das.

  • CLRI February 2015
    Vol 2 No 1

    Vol 2 No 1: CLRI February 2015 brings to you a beautiful collection of RESEARCH PAPERS by Mohamed Kamel Abdel-Daem , Shihabudheen C; STORIES by Ameen Fayaz; ESSAY by Ritu Bajaj; POEMS by Anupama Chowdhury, Dr. Dalip Kumar Khetarpal, Dr. Ernest Williamson, Jayendrina Singha Ray, Merlin Flower, Rimni Chakravarty, Shobhana Kumar.

  • CLRI November 2014
    Vol 1 No 4

    CLRI November 2014: Vol 1, No 4 brings to you a beautiful collection of RESEARCH PAPERS by Dr. Nazneen Khan; STORIES by Vidya Panicker, Emery A. Cournand; POEMS by Himasri Baishya, Sheri Vandermolen, Snehal Deb, Tayeb Bouazid, Walter Saraf; and BOOK REVIEWS by Vinita Agrawal (Echoes From The Valley by Vinay Capila).