His Last Clay

  • Debasish Banerjee


His Last Clay is a story by Debasish Banerjee.


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Author Biography

Debasish Banerjee

Debasish Banerjee completed his Master's in English from Burdwan University of West Bengal. At present he is teaching as a teacher of English literature and language in Arcadian Public School, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

He writes stories both in Bengali and English. Some of his short stories appeared in journals such as Border View (West Bengal), Bengali online and print magazines like Barnik Sahitya, Anubhuti Prakashan, Ujan Sahitya Potrika.

Recently, his short stories got published in some issues of Contemporary Literary Review India. His fiction titled "The Rose was as Vain as the Geraniums" appeared in the YAWP Little Magazine (Silchar, Assam). His short stories "His Paradise Lost" and "A Letter from Pakistan" appeared in a Bengali newspaper Shilpaneer.

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Banerjee, D. “His Last Clay”. Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol. 8, no. 1, Feb. 2021, pp. 220-4, https://literaryjournal.in/index.php/clri/article/view/787.