A Guardian Signature

  • Debasish Banerjee


A Guardian Signature is a story by Debasish Banerjee.


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Author Biography

Debasish Banerjee

Debasish Banerjee was born and brought up at Durgapur in West Bengal in 1979 on 1st August.With an intense desire for English literature he finished his Master degree in English from the Burdwan University in the year 2003.Presently he is a teacher of English language and literature in an English medium school.He loves to read books and has read the works of great authors like O. Henry, Kipling,R.K.Narayan,Ruskin Bond ,Tolstoy and many more.Beside reading he takes fancy in painting.Some of his short stories have appeared in a local tri-monthly English magazine BORDER VIEW publishing from West Bengal.He writes to express that are untold  and thus to muse the readers.

Presently,Debasish Banerjee is  working as a teacher of English in Arcadian Public school in Mathura,U.P.

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