Book Review of Niharika Sah’s Closure

  • Niharika Sah


Book Review of Niharika Sah’s Closure by Shreya Mondal.


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Author Biography

Niharika Sah

Niharika Sah has pursued B.A. English Honors and P.G. Diploma in Book Publishing Studies from Calcutta University. A former Copy Editor at SAGE Publications now works as a Content Associate at LexiConn Content Services. Passionate about the power of words, Niharika has made some humble contributions to the creative field through her poetry. She strives to continue with her literary pursuits, hoping to grow along with it in future.

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Sah, N. “Book Review of Niharika Sah’s Closure”. Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol. 7, no. 3, Aug. 2020, pp. 279-84,
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