Dr Dilip Khetarpal Reviews Phidalia Toi’s The Dusk

The Dusk - Enwrapping India with Darkness

  • Dr Dalip Khetarpal
Keywords: Book reviews, book releases, Phidalia Toi, The Dusk - Enwrapping India with Darkness


Dr Dilip Khetarpal Reviews Phidalia Toi’s The Dusk - Enwrapping India with Darkness.


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Author Biography

Dr Dalip Khetarpal

Dr Dalip is an author, poet, critic, editor, and reviewer. He has worked as a Lecturer in English at Manchanda Delhi Public College, Delhi. He worked in various capacities, as Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and H .O. D (English) in various academic institutes in Haryana. He was a Dy. Registrar and Joint Director at the Directorate of Technical Education, Haryana, Chandigarh.


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