A Critical Analysis on Prof Pashupati Jha’s Taking on Tough Times

  • Jen Walls
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Within a sincere depth of symbiotic alacrity; moving toward growth into straight-forward humanism, Professor Pashupati Jha bursts us through within holy sunlight sparkling all inside his captivating soul-seedling collection – nurturing us so well too – in life’s garden and boosting from the stymied growth found wanting inside these dark times. Jha lights his unflickering flame within; flashing the divine spark upon his poetic renderings – flowing devout realism that uplifts as grace within this recent collection, Taking on Tough Times. He offers such a broad and far-reaching pen that flows evermore clear; utilizing strength through compassionate care, charisma and sheer grit of tenacity to inspire all in such a noble effort too.

Keywords: Professor Pashupati Jha, Jen Walls, Taking on Tough Times, Indian English literature.


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Author Biography

Jen Walls

Jen Walls is an award-winning author, literary reviewer, and critic. She brings soulful love inside joyful heart’s radiance; pulsating us deeply inside a personality of rare positivity. Her first poetry collection, The Tender Petals was released November 2014, through Inner Child Press, USA. Her second book of co-authored poems OM Santih Santih Santih combined to offer divine nature was released November 2015, through The Poetry Society of India.

Her peace-filled poems come alive inside renowned print and electronic world peace anthologies from the USA, UK, Africa, and India. She recently received a 2016 Distinguished Poet Award, from Writers International Network (WIN, Canada) in Burnaby, British Columbia (May 27, 2016).

Jen currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. with her loving family.

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