Juxtaposition as technique

A survey of seven poems from Beldam Etcetera by Dom Moraes

  • Ripon Handique
Keywords: Juxtaposition, perspective, reality, difference, complexity


In Beldam Etcetera, Dom Moraes organises his poems by employing juxtaposition as the technique through which perspectives, situations or reactions are contrasted in highlighting the differences naturally inherent in reality. This not only enriches the poems by depicting the complexity of reality but also envisages a poetry that is the opposite of subjective romanticising, which is a common refrain regarding his poetry in the first phase of his writing. By the technique of juxtaposition differences in the conception and articulation of reality in its entire complexity, depending on any individual, are explored without moralising or judging as that would entail the predominance of a single perspective over the multiple.


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Author Biography

Ripon Handique

Ripon Handique has worked as an Assistant Professor, Teacher (PGT) and Vice Principal. He has M.A. in English, History, and Political Science. Some of his poems and short stories have been included in Muse India, Thespian, Contemporary Literary Review India, Taj Mahal Review, etc.


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