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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Copyright Notice

    Make sure that you have read our Copyrights Notice and you agree to them.
  • Submission Guidelines

    Make sure that you have read our Submission Guidelines in details and you comply with them.
  • Document Formatting Guidelines

    Make sure that you have read our Document Formatting Guidelines in details and you comply with them.

Author Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines.

  1. Your submission has not been previously published anywhere. If your material has been published with online or print journal, included in an anthology or book, posted on your own website or blog, or on any social networking sites, we consider such materials published. Do not submit such materials.
  2. You’ve declared if you have submitted the same piece elsewhere and you agree to notify us as soon as your piece is selected elsewhere.
  3. Your submission has zero plagiarism score. We investigate originality of your submission.
  4. You hold the rights to the pictures, images, and materials that you use from external sources. Show this right while submitting.
  5. You have submitted your brief bio in third person and a recent and clear picture of yours.
  6. We may inform authors about the status from time to time and any submission may be rejected at any level of editing cycle.

Copyright Notice

Please follow these guidelines.

  1. Copyrights lie with the authors/contributors. The responsibility of the concept expressed in the writings published with any of our literary journals lies with the authors and Creative Content Media or Contemporary Literary Review India does not support or oppose any ideas of the authors or artists.
  2. We ask for first publishing rights from the submitting authors. Once an article is published with CLRI, authors can use their articles as and when they like with due credit to us with issue number/date, for which they don’t need to ask for permission from us.
  3. We aim to promote knowledge and to propagate knowledge, we permit readers and authors to use, quote, and refer from any articles published with CLRI freely. Authors must agree to this nature of copyright before they submit to us. However any readers or authors must give due credit to the authors and this journal properly with issue number and dates.
  4. We nominate authors published with CLRI to various literary awards and prizes as and when required. Authors give us permission to nominate their names and their works without requiring us to ask prior permission and notifying them. If time permits, we would notify them.
  5. We don't accept any articles that reflect pornography, uses racial language, hatred or any sorts of aversion.
  6. We don’t pay to the authors presently.

Document Formatting Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines.

  1. Use article title in the document but do not mention authors name anywhere in the main article. Make sure that you enter your name, designation, affiliation, bio, contact number, and picture in the submission form.
  2. Use Calibri font for the main body and Arial font for headings of all levels.
  3. Your paper must be well edited and proofread. If we send with our edits to the authors, they must take action on them on time, else the submission may be rejected.
  4. Use ample citation for research papers. Your bibliography and citation should comply with Modern Language Association (MLA).
  5. Include an abstract, keywords, and bibliography for research papers. Poems, stories, and book reviews do not require these items.