Group of Same Letters Opening with the Alphabet ‘C’ in the Different Words of English Language Have Different Pronunciations: A Justificational Study

  • Dr. Uttam Balu Koli


The present research article highlights the group of same letters opening with the alphabet ‘C’ in the different words of English language having different pronunciations. The group of same letters opening with the alphabet ‘C’ in the different words of English language, having different pronunciations, are 43 in numbers which are: ca, cce, ccla, cco, ccu, ce, ch, cha, che, chi, cho, chri, chro, chu, ci, cia, cka, cke, cla, cle, clea, cli, clie, clo, co, coa, coe, con, coo, cou, cqui, cra, cre, crea, cri, cro, cru, cry, cta, cti, ctro, cu and cy. The group of same letters opening with the select alphabet of ‘C’ in the different words of English language, having different pronunciations, have been written with examples including words and phonetic transcriptions which will help to acquire the proficiency over the select area of study. Conclusion and references have been included.

Keywords: Acquire, area, help, proficiency, study, written.


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Author Biography

Dr. Uttam Balu Koli

Dr. Uttam Balu Koli did his M. A., M. Phil., Ph. D. in English and M. B. A. in Human Resource Management. Apart from doing Course in English for Communication and Course in Information Technology, he has a teaching experience of eleven years as an Assistant Professor of English and Communication Skills at the engineering college. In addition to twenty-seven research article publications in different peer-reviewed journals, he has some best paper awards to his name. He specialises in the areas of English Language, English Literature, Soft Skills and Human Resource Management.


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