Resistance Through Living

Reviewing “India Untouched” by Stalin K

  • Reva Puri Postgraduate Student
Keywords: Film Review, Caste, Untouchability, Resistance, Humiliation, Culture


This paper comprises reviewing and analyzing the documentary “India Untouched” by Stalin K through a critical lens, with an emphasis on creating new meanings around the theme of resistance. I align myself here with the critical school, rooted through psychoanalytic and cultural understandings. This documentary is a significant contribution towards our understanding of caste; to engage with it psychologically is an attempt to bring to the fore a nuanced interdisciplinary discussion on a relevant social issue which mainstream disciplines of prefer to keep at an arm’s length. To conduct my analysis, I primarily make use of writings by award winning author and psychoanalyst Sudhir Kakar, and critical Psychologist Ashis Nandy. 


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Author Biography

Reva Puri, Postgraduate Student

Reva Puri is currently a student at Ambedkar University Delhi, pursuing her masters in Psychosocial Clinical Studies. Her research interests include using various mediums such as films, novels and works of non fiction to explore the emotional lives of individuals, and broader socio cultural questions. Her work on displacement has previously been presented in Rutgers University, New Jersey. Her writing has been published by Inchoasis, and the magazine “In Plainspeak.” She is an avid reader, a critical thinker and an aspiring psychotherapist.


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