Nature in the Poetry of Hopkins and Iqbal: An Analysis

  • Arshid Hamid


Nature and natural objects are seen in all types of poetry being used with different modes of expression. Some poets use it as symbols to express other meaning and some use it as the art of God which has been created as a texture and beauty to the universe. However, in both ways the presence of nature is inevitable. The present paper will discuss about the presence of nature in the poetry of Hopkins and Iqbal. Both albeit from different times are religious poets and have admired God for creating the beautiful World.

Keywords: Nature, Omnipresence, symbolism, Creative force, Imagery, Metamorphosis.


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Author Biography

Arshid Hamid

Arshid Hamid is a research scholar of English Literature who did his M.Phil. from the University of Kashmir. Presently he is pursuing his Ph.D. from the same seat of learning. His primary interest in the field of research area is Comparative and World Literature. He has twice qualified the NET (National Eligibility Test) and SET (State Eligibility Test). He has been contributing his research papers to the reputed journals of English Literature at both National and International levels.


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