Divya Vani

  • Saligrama K Aithal


Divya Vani is a story by Saligrama K. Aithal.


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Author Biography

Saligrama K Aithal

Saligrama K. Aithal has published six collections of short stories Many in One, One in Many, Inside India, Overlapping Worlds, Passage to More than India, and “Make in India” and Other Short Stories.

His publications include a literary biography Riyana: The Child Once Everyone Was, and a study of Toni Morrison’s fiction Toni Morrison Novelist. His fictional writings have appeared in Critical Quarterly, Short Story International, Unlikely Stories, Long Story Short (where his “Enter, Search, Select, Click” appeared as the STORY OF THE MONTH for February 2012), Journal of Postcolonial Societies and cultures, Indian Literature, Warscapes, Projected Letters, New Quest, Contemporary Literary Review, Sci Phi Journal, Journal of South Asian Literature, and eFiction India, Indian Ruminations.

Likewise, his scholarly articles on authors and books -- Indian, British, and American—have appeared in a host of journals.

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