Trojan Horse

  • Giti Tyagi MM University


Trojan Horse is a poem by Giti Tyagi.


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Author Biography

Giti Tyagi, MM University

Giti Tyagi is based in Karnal, India. She is an Editor, Creative Artist, Author, Poetess and Reviewer from India. She is a former Senior Lecturer from MM University, Ambala, India and an Educational Consultant at Karnal, India. She is the author of the books ‘Priceless Pearls’, ‘Crossroads & Other Stories’ and 'The Ascent Of A New Dawn’. She is the Editor of ‘Beyond Corona: The Silver Lining’ and Translator of ‘Amma Boli’ (Hindi). Giti Tyagi was honoured, in 2019, for her contributions in the literary world.

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Tyagi, G. “Trojan Horse”. Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol. 9, no. 2, May 2022, pp. 230-3,