The Poems of Jen Walls: An Interpretation

  • Dr. Katta Rajamouly
Keywords: Jen Walls’ poetry, Jen’s themes, poetic merits of Jen, Natural symbols for effect


In this paper the author explores the poems of Jen Walls. Jen is an international poet, author, and literary reviewer. She has got several poems and books published. Her body of works appears globally in various renowned international literary publications including Contemporary Vibes, PoetCrit, Bhakti Blossoms, Contemporary Literary Review India, Core Realm of Cosmic Peace & Harmony, and The Year of the Poet. Jen Walls was awarded the 2016 Distinguished Poet Award from Writers International Network (WIN-Canada). She currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.


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Author Biography

Dr. Katta Rajamouly

Dr. Katta Rajamouly is a Professor and Head, Department of English (S.H), Ganapathy Engineering College, Warangal.

He got published several poems, short stories, reviews and critical articles in many reputed journals. As a poet, he got published 1080 poems in his poetry collections Beauty in Variety, Cherished Cherries, Petals of Insight, Voices and silences and Kavitanjali; his short story collections Post Gandhian Days, Thorns in the Path, Shadows of Realities and Naked Truths; and novels Rajarishi in Quest of Peace, Man-for Man, a Quest, Smart Child, and Troubles and Tribals.


1. Walls, Jen. The Poems. Contemporary Literary Review India. Vol. 7. No. 3: CLRI August 2020. pp. 222-224.
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