A New Historicist Perspective on Sonam

A Novel by Yeshi Dorji Thongchi

  • Taw Tshering Taktse Rizhung Premier School, Trongsa, Bhutan
Keywords: New historicist, sociocultural discourses, religious beliefs, economy, Monpa, Brokpa


Any literary texts, as emphasized by new historicist, can never be an independent texts. Literary texts are but the constitution of sociocultural beliefs, religious beliefs and economic conditions of a particular time. Thus, this paper is an attempt to analyze and understand historical factors such as religious beliefs, social practices and cultural discourses that shaped Yeshi Dorjee Thongchi’s views and concern in depicting Monpas’ and Brokpas’ life and society of a particular time. However, the novel Sonam does not guarantee the exact picture of Monpas’ life in 1980s. Thus, through the lens of new historicism, this Paper will also run in parallel with the core subject to study changes that have taken place by considering the existing beliefs and economic situations a reader lives, and draw proper conclusion to deliberate on the subjectivity and objectivity of the text. 

Keywords: New historicist, sociocultural discourses, religious beliefs, economy, Monpa, Brokpa.


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Author Biography

Taw Tshering, Taktse Rizhung Premier School, Trongsa, Bhutan

Taw Tshering has received his Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Samtse College of Education (Royal University of Bhutan), Bhutan and Masters in English from Yonphula Centenary College (Royal University of Bhutan). At present, he works as a teacher of English (HoD) at Taktse Rigzhung Premiere School, Trongsa, Bhutan.


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