The Watch on her Wrist

  • Dr Ratnottama Das Bikram Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies Faculty of Arts, New Delhi
  • Subhajit Bhadra Bongaigaon College, Assam


Originally written in Assamese by Dr. Ratnottama Das Bikram and translated by Subhajit Bhadra.


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Author Biographies

Dr Ratnottama Das Bikram, Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies Faculty of Arts, New Delhi

Dr Ratnottama Das Bikram is an Assistant Professor in the Department Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies, University of Delhi. Along with her teaching and guiding research scholars, Dr Das has been associated with fieldwork based indigenous-lore (folklore) studies.  Particularly, she has been working on the culture and lore of the Lepcha tribe of Kalimpong.  Dr. Das is a creative writer with two critically acclaimed books, Hariguna kahana najaai and Nakh norokha sowaleebor.  Her first novel was recognised as the Special Book of the Year by “Jeevan”, Guwahati, in 2013. Dr. Das has also got the “Travel Grant for Young Authors” by Sahitya Akademi in the year 2016. A known newspaper columnist in Assam, Dr Das writes regularly in newspapers, journals and literary magazines and has keen interest in paintings.

Subhajit Bhadra, Bongaigaon College, Assam

Subhajit Bhadra is a writer, poet, critic, translator and an assistant professor in Bongaigaon College, Assam. He has authoured seven books and edited five books. He has published four books of translation. He has published research articles in various reputed national and international journals. He currently teaches English literature in P.G. Department of English at Bongaigaon College, Assam.

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