Men of Soil, Web of Politics and Presidential Memoirs

  • Dr T Radhakrishna Murty Professor of English, Vignan’s Institute of Engineering for Women, Visakhapatnam.
Keywords: Presidential memoirs, men of soil, vision, politics, governance


A nation invests so much in its citizens. Citizens empower it through their intellectual and physical contributions. Intellect cannot be gauged by the measure of sheer degrees in education of an institution. There has been many a man of soil who rose to greater heights of governance and served the institution. Among these men of soil and grass roots Sanjiva Reddy and Giani Zail Singh ascended the Presidential throne in the history of free India. Though short in literary value but deep in wisdom, these two individuals authored two texts which offer a phenomenal perspective and ringside view of the polity of the nation. This paper attempts a study of these memoirs to cull their words and thoughts of wisdom.


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Author Biography

Dr T Radhakrishna Murty, Professor of English, Vignan’s Institute of Engineering for Women, Visakhapatnam.

Dr T. Radhakrishna Murty is a Professor of English at Vignan’s Institute of Engineering for Women, Visakhapatnam, with twenty two years of experience in the field of engineering education training Engineering graduates in areas of Language Communications Skills and business English.  Having studied at the University of Madras and Andhra Universities, he has done pioneering research on the writings of Indian Presidents - a first of its kind in Indian Writing in English. Dr. Radhakrishna Murty has been a frequent contributor to literary journals on aspects of Indian writing in English and Commonwealth Literature. He published a book on Presidents of India, Anchored Visions of Indian Presidents – A Diplomat and A Scientist.


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