Amitav Ghosh - Crafting on Contemporary Literature

  • Anchal Bhutani
Keywords: Indian English literature, Indian writers, India English fiction, English literary fiction, contemporary literature


Amitav Ghosh is a writer who never followed a particular genre to create a literary exception. Perhaps that is why his work is unique, and he is an author who always takes the readers to the history and then takes to his imaginary world. He has proficiency in weaving history with imagination, and that is how he gives birth to fiction. His writing language uses ornamental English with the higher literature value. On the other hand, while imagining a plot, he never forgets about people and always incorporates people in his novel.

Coming to his literary style, he chose histories that are mostly untold to people and seamlessly blend imagination. We find colonial history to the post-emergency period, and his story travels through many countries, and readers get different tastes each time his story changes its plot. The paper is going to talk about his work. For that, there are some summaries of some of his notable works. The paper also discusses his life and career in brief so that readers can understand his work in a better way.


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Anchal Bhutani

Anchal Bhutani has received her bachelor's degree in B. Com (Honors) from Gargi College, Delhi University and Masters in English from MGSU, Bikaner. She has qualified MH-SLET/ SET (Maharashtra). She has worked as a Teaching Associate with Raffles University and as a Content Writer for Zomato. 


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