Milo Gets Alzheimer’s

  • Dr Anirudh Kala
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Milo Gets Alzheimer’s is a story by Dr Anirudh Kala.


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Author Biography

Dr Anirudh Kala

Dr Anirudh Kala is a Clinical Director, Mind Plus. Dr Anirudh is a psychiatrist based in Ludhiana, India. An anthology, ‘The Unsafe Asylum: Stories of Madness and Partition’ is being published by Speaking Tiger Books in June 2018. In addition, several short stories have been published at other places. He likes Urdu poetry, hiking and semi-classical Indian music.

He had been an active participant in the Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) for forty years and had raised awareness about mental health legislation and related issues among Indian psychiatrists.

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Kala, D. A. “Milo Gets Alzheimer’s”. Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol. 5, no. 2, May 2018, pp. 127-42,