Gandhian Philosophy in Indian Literature

  • Hemanth Kumar Student
Keywords: Gandhian philosophy, Social issues, Rights, Premchand, Godan, Raja Rao, Kanthapura


Gandhi has been one of the major sources for literature writing in India, his philosophical reflections can be found in a large number of writings, this involves writers of not only one language or ideology, but of multiple different languages and time periods, all of them have tried to encapsulate his ideology in their writings. These writers are mostly who have deliberated upon social issues or problems prevalent in their respective societies and the most prominent personality, who had a great impact on mitigating and alleviating them is Gandhi, hence his incorporation is an inalienable part of such Literature. The research paper studies and understands the impact of Gandhian philosophy on Indian literature, with a special emphasis on the writings of Premchand and Raja Rao, it analyses their writings, relevance to the then society and Gandhian philosophy incorporated in them.


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Author Biography

Hemanth Kumar, Student

Hemanth Kumar is pursuing B.A. LL.B (Hons.) at Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur. Several of his research papers have been pubslihed in different jorunals and magazines.


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