A Comparison of Shared Themes in Anna Karenina and Swayamvaram

  • Liya Elsa Sabu MG University
Keywords: Shared themes in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and ONV’s Swayamvaram, Leo Tolstoy’s themes, Ottaplackal Neelakandan Velu Kurup’s themes, comparative analysis


This paper intends to focus on the shared themes in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and ONV’s long narrative poem Swayamvaram.

Leo Tolstoy (9 September 1829 - 20 November 1910) is inarguably one of the most influential Russian writers, best known for his novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina(though in later life, he declared himself embarrassed by the latter). Tolstoy also authored numerous philosophical essays, novellas, short stories and plays, of which the most widely read are his fable-like short stories.

Ottaplackal Neelakandan Velu Kurup (27 May 1931 – 13 February 2016) is one of the foremost Malayalam poets and winner of the Jnanapith Award. He is widely admired for his ability to paint the grim contemporary realities in beautiful lyrical verse. His works include short lyrical poetry as well as longer narrative poems Ujjayini and Swayamvaram, both focusing on deconstructions of mythological narratives.


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Author Biography

Liya Elsa Sabu, MG University

Liya Elsa Sabu (20)  is a third year student of BA English Language and Literature at BCM College Kottayam, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala.


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2. Tolstoy, Leo. Anna Karenina. Hertfordshire: Wordsworth Editions Limited,1995.
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