Deconstructive Reading of Dylan Thomas's Poetry

  • Dr Bimal Kishore Shrivastwa P.G. Campus, Biratnagar
Keywords: Plurality, ambiguity, contradiction, difference, decentre


The paper studies four different poems of Dylan Thomas- Our Eunuch Dreams, In My Craft or Sullen Art, Ballad of the Longed Legged Bait, Over Sir John’s Hill -from perspectives of deconstruction. The paper also analyses how Thomas has tactfully exploited literary tools like diction, metaphor and ambiguity in the poems to create meaningful ideas. He has portrayed life, death, sin, redemption and the natural processes in his poems by tactfully exploiting these literary devices and ingenious use of words and imagery. He attempts to convey the diverse themes of the unity of all life, the continuing process of life and death and new life that linked the generations through these poems.



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Author Biography

Dr Bimal Kishore Shrivastwa, P.G. Campus, Biratnagar

Dr Bimal Kishore Shrivastwa, PhD is an Assistant Professor, and Head of the Department of English at Post Graduate Campus, a constituent campus of Tribhuwan University, Biratnagar, Nepal. He has been teaching poetry, literary criticism for the last twenty-one years. His research articles have been published in India, Indonesia, the USA, and Nepal. Besides the scholarly articles, his poems and stories have also bene published from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the USA.


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