Returning to Roots in Andrea Levy’s 'Back to My Own Country'

  • Dr. Balkrishna Dada Waghmare
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Colonialism is the relationship of domination of indigenous by foreign invaders where the latter rule in pursuit of their interests. Decolonization, on the other hand, is a Process by which colonies become independent of the colonizing country. The decolonisation of the colonized can be in various forms. It may be returning to one’s own religion, language, identity, culture or so on. African writers as a part of decolonization or returning to their roots started writing in indigenous languages and returned to their oral tradition. They also denounced Christianity. Andrea levy in her essay Back to My Own Country” gives account of symbolic her journey to her own country i.e. self-discovery and place of blacks in British history. This new knowledge enables her to claim her rightful place and question the ignorance of majority of Britons.

Keywords: Colonialism, decolonization, roots, identity, self-discovery, empire, multiculturalism


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Author Biography

Dr. Balkrishna Dada Waghmare

Dr. Balkrishna Dada Waghmare teaches at Krantiagrani G. D. Bapu Lad Mahavidyalaya Kundal (Shivaji University Kolhapur), Sangli, Maharashtra, India.


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