A Mythical Study of Peter Carey's Novels

  • Anshu Rani
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Mythology allows taking a journey into an exciting and mysterious world. In every culture and every country during every period of time, people have told stories that explain and define the great acts of nations and peoples. Some of these stories educates, some mystify the culture. The human society is marked by the interpenetration of man with surrounding world and these results in the birth of magic, myth and religion, with their peculiar rituals andceremonies. The images of myth have to be unnoticed omnipresent demonic guardians, under whose care signs help the man to interpret his life and struggles. Peter Carey has made a case for myth and myth making is found in his writerly career. It occurs in various semantic manifestations in his novels. This paper provides an overview of the use of myth in his novels. It examines True History of Kelly Gang (2000) and My Life as a Fake (2003) to illustrate how mythmaking operates in the fictional reality of his novels.

Keywords: Mythology, Culture, Religion Rituals, Ceremonies, Semantic.


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Author Biography

Anshu Rani

Anshu Rani is a Ph. D scholar of MMH Degree College, Ghaziabad, CCS University, Meerut, India. Earned her academic degrees Master of Philosophy in English and Master of Arts in English from CCS University, Meerut, India.


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