Punjabi Folk Songs and Stories behind Old Cities of Multan and Lahore

  • Armeen Kaur Ahuja Delhi University


The paper looks into how city of Multan and Lahore became part of tropes that run in Punjabi Folk songs. It looks at the relationship of cities and its people and how these spatial outlooks are manifested in a community’s folk lore.
Keywords: Punjabi Folk Songs, Indian-subcontinent Cities, Post-colonial literature, Punjabi folk lore.


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Author Biography

Armeen Kaur Ahuja, Delhi University

Armeen Kaur Ahuja is serving as Assistant Professor (Ad Hoc) in SGTB Khalsa College, Du in Department of English. Her M. Phil. Dissertation has focused on politics of Space in Punjabi Folk lore. Her area of interest is physical and metaphysical operation of space in articulation of cognition.


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