Book Review on Farouk Gulsara’s Inside the Twisted Mind of Rifle Range Boy

  • Prof Shiv Sethi
  • Farouk Gulsara
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‘Inside the Twisted Mind of Rifle Range Boy’ is a meleange of profound thoughts penned down by Farouk Gulsara. Hailing from a family where everybody perceives that there is only a single way to deal with the things either black or white whereas the writer is inclined to have an altogether contrary viewpoint . As he advances in the years and grows mature , he becomes aware of the harsh reality that the family of his parents has innumerable blood curdling tales to narrate because they had witnessed the seamy side of life during the turbulent times of early Malaya.

Title: Inside the Twisted Mind of Rifle Range Boy
Author: Farouk Gulsara
Publisher: Inside The Twisted Mind of Rifle Range Boy
Available: Amazon


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Author Biographies

Prof Shiv Sethi

Prof. Shiv Sethi (Ph D, M Phil, four times MA) is the Head of the Department of English language and Linguistics at Dev Samaj Post Graduate College For Women Ferozepur for the last 17 years.

His research articles have been published in various journals of international repute including The Tribune, The Hindu, The Hindustan Times, The New Indian Express, The Deccan Herald, The Hitavada, and The Daily post and in several newspapers of neighboring countries like Nepal and Pakistan. He has presented his papers at various universities in India and abroad. He is a guide for research scholars for M Phil thesis.

Farouk Gulsara

Farouk Gulsara is a daytime healer and a writer by night. After developing his left side of his brain almost half his lifetime, this johnny-come-lately decides to stimulate his non-dominant part on his remaining half. An author of two non-fiction books, ‘Inside the twisted mind of Rifle Range Boy’ and ‘Real Lessons from Reel Life’, he now ventures into the genre of fiction. He writes regularly on his blog ‘Rifle Range Boy’.

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