An Analytical Journey

  • P C K Prem Prem
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Poems of Dr Dalip Khetarpal are unique in perception. He explores areas of human life hitherto unattended and makes a lasting imprint. If one looks at his earlier poetry, one notices obvious continuity of the perception and management with indistinctly detectable variation in new poems. In his poems Dr Dalip attempts psycho-philosophical interpretation of life. Psychiatric therapy, he indirectly argues, helps man lead a better and consequential life, for if one is at peace with self, one attains the real objective. Heroes, saints, wise men and intellectuals live in shadowed glory, for they enjoy life in non-existence and non-entity.

In this paper, Dr Dalip Khetarpal’s three poetry anthologies such as Fathoming Infinity, Ripping into Consciousness, and Refractions have been analyzed with a special focus on Refractions.

Keywords: Dr Dalip Khetarpal, PCK Prem, Fathoming Infinity, Ripping into Consciousness, Refractions, literary criticism.


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Author Biography

P C K Prem Prem

P C K Prem is a poet, novelist, short story writer and a critic in English from Himachal Pradesh, India. A former academician, civil servant and member of Himachal Public Service Commission, Shimla), Prem authored more than fifty books both in English and Hindi. A post-graduate in English literature from Punjab University, Chandigarh, he taught in various colleges before joining civil services. He has brought out nine volumes of poetry, five books on criticism, two books on ancient literature, six novels and two collections of short fiction. Creative works in Hindi include twenty novels, nine books on short fiction and a collection of poems. He is a recipient of many literary awards including HP State Guleri & Academy awards and Bharat Hindi Rattan award.

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