Dalit Literature: An Insurrectionary Voice

  • Dr Divyabha Vashisth


Dalit Literature: An Insurrectionary Voice


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Dr Divyabha Vashisth

Dalit literature is a voice of the subjugated laden section of the society. Dalit movement is a struggle that tries to carve the niche for impartiality. No other medium could be more influential than literary works to show the existence of any movement. Dalit literature has played an important role in it. Writers share their own experiences of social and communal iniquity. Their writings were the outburst of their suppressed feelings which continued for ages. This paper aims to present the facts regarding the contemporary province of Dalit literature with precise reference to autobiography of Dr Sharankuma Limbale, feminist writing of Bhama and Dalit writing by non- Dalit writer Mulkraj Anand.

Keywords: Impartiality, Communal, Auto- Narratives, shunned, oddities, elevated


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