Speaking, the Skill of Skills: A Comprehensive Study

  • Dr Rajamouly Katta Dr
Keywords: Art of speaking, phonetic proficiency, non-verbal efficiency, effective communication, communication skill


Speaking is primarily the skill of skills by which one expresses one’s feelings, ideas, reflections, thoughts, etc. Grammatical accuracy, phonetic proficiency and non-verbal efficiency are the means of effective communication. Crying, grumbling, bemoaning, shouting, etc are also indirect forms for the expression of one’s emotions, feelings, reactions, anger, pain, etc. By means of gestures, postures, signs and so on also express certain ideas. Emotional cries include sounds and expressions to signify the influence of joy, fear, anger, surprise, pain, wonder, shock, sorrow, etc by means of interjections. There are social utterances like greetings, polite expressions, utterances, words of emotions, claps, semi-linguistic noises, etc to communicate certain feelings, ideas, etc. One can achieve the art of effective communication, especially as a student by practicing the other activities like story telling, joking, group discussions, debates, JAM sessions and so on.

The students with ordinary skills have stock expressions like 'thank you', 'sorry', 'Happy New Year, etc by which they convey their thoughts. The students with moderate skills mark a clear-cut difference in the level of their communication. The students with good skills certainly have an edge over those with moderate skills, as they are good at grammar and pronunciation. The students with excellent skills stand better as their communication reflects their body language apart from the correctness of language and the aptness of pronunciation. By virtue of communication skills, they can achieve the reward of employment and career in life. 


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Author Biography

Dr Rajamouly Katta, Dr

Dr Katta Rajamouly is a Professor and Head, Department of English (S.H), Ganapathy Engineering College, Warangal.

He got published several poems, short stories, reviews and critical articles in many reputed journals. As a poet, he got published 1080 poems in his poetry collections Beauty in Variety, Cherished Cherries, Petals of Insight, Voices and silences and Kavitanjali; his short story collections Post Gandhian Days, Thorns in the Path, Shadows of Realities and Naked Truths; and novels Rajarishi in Quest of Peace, Man-for Man, a Quest, Smart Child, and Troubles and Tribals.

His two post-doctoral research books The Art of Speaking, the Skill of Skills, Essence of Poetry and Inconsistencies and Inadequacies in Traditional grammars; Learn English through Conversation, Grammar and Dictionary of Grammatical and Literary Terms on English language teaching (ELT); The Poetry of Philip Larkin: a Critical Study, critical essays titled My Observations and the Telugu renderings of English poems Kavita Vaideshiki are either published or under publication.


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