Words: The Most Potent Tool to Communicate

  • Dr Jaya Sharma
  • Dr Pratik Jain


Words are the most significant and powerful means to express true feelings of human beings. It may mar the speech or may lead one to the glory of success. In every sphere of our life we keep communicating through strong and weighty words that impress our personality on others. Its importance has not only been laid down in scriptures but also in the modern world. The mighty power of words can be seen in the stories, poems, essays and the other forms of artwork in which  writers ponder deep to penetrate their meaning for exhibiting their true feelings and emotions. The impact of such words is different on the different set of people as they perceive its meaning as per their pre conceived notions and common understanding of things which help them derive conclusion; a quite complex definition of communication. The aim of this paper is to highlight that efficient and positive words enhance the beauty of speech while negative and poorly chosen words demolish one’s image.

Keywords: Connotation, lexicology, euphemism.


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Author Biographies

Dr Jaya Sharma

Dr. Jaya Sharma is a professor and trainer at Sage University, Indore, India. She served for more than a decade in Medi-Caps University, Indore, India as an Assistant professor. She has her Phd in Diasporic Literature and Master in English Literature.

Dr Pratik Jain

Dr. Pratik Jain has his Phd in Management from Barkatulla University, Bhopal. He is member of core management team of SAGE University, Indore and also heading Training and Placement and Industry Interaction Cell of the university, at Sage University, Indore. He is also a Board Member at Research Foundation of India.

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