The Case of an Absent Patriarch: A Study of Internalised Oppression in Katherine Mansfield's Story "The Daughters of the Late Colonel"

  • Ayesha Khan


This paper examines the dynamics of internalized oppression in context of Katherine Mansfield's story "The Daughters of the Late Colonel". By studying this story, the author furthers the understanding of the complex patterns of the process of oppression. This analysis includes a study of how the Oppressed internalise self-subjugation and how Oppression persists due to this. The author makes use of Audre Lorde's ideas on Oppression and Jeremy Bentham's concept of a Panopticon as understood by Michael Foucault.

Keywords: Internalised oppression patriarchy Katherine Mansfield Lorde late colonel.


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Author Biography

Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan is based out of a town in Himachal Pradesh, India. She holds a master's degree in English Literature from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She has qualified the National Eligibility Test for English. She has also earned a certificate in The Feminist Philosophy. Her areas of interest include literary and cultural analysis through the lenses of Postcolonialism and Feminism.


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