À la Clinique

  • Raad Kareem Abd-Aun


À la Clinique by Raad Kareem Abd-Aun

Author Biography

Raad Kareem Abd-Aun

Raad Kareem Abd-Aun, born in Babylon, Iraq, in 1976, holds a PhD in English Literature. He writes poetry since 1995 and considers it, second to his family, the food of his spirit. Some of his poems were published in print and electronic journals. He currently works at the University of Babylon dividing his time between teaching English Literature, academic, and creative writing.

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Abd-Aun, R. “À La Clinique”. Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol. 2, no. 3, Oct. 2018, pp. 68-70, http://literaryjournal.in/index.php/clri/article/view/104.