The Prose Style of E.M.Forster

  • Dr Gontumukkala Nirmala SBSYM Degree college


E.M. Forster is primarily known as a novelist, short story writer and a literary critic of a rare distinction. Though his contribution to English essay is substantial he has not received the critical due attention as an essayist. Unlike the other writers Forster began his literary carrier as a short story writer and a novelist and then turned to essay-writing. The aim of the paper is an attempt to analyse the prose style of E. M. Forster, in his two volumes of essays Abinger Harvest and Two Cheers for Democracy, which is characterised by its raciness, simplicity, directness and ‘ beautiful amusingness’. The style of a writer expresses the nature of his thoughts. Hence the popular view ‘style is the man.’ Bacon says that language is the instrument of thought. Any discussion of Forster as an essayist is incomplete without reference to his prose style.


E M Forster’s prose, racism, simple, direct and beautiful amusingness.


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Author Biography

Dr Gontumukkala Nirmala, SBSYM Degree college

Dr Gontumukkala Nirmala is an Associate Professor in English. S. B. S. Y. M. Degree College, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India.


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