Contemporary Literary Review India | eISSN 2394-6075 | Vol 5, No 4: CLRI November 2018

Dr Binny Mathew

Nightmare of Kerala!


Unselfishly I left My Father and Mother,

I left behind my Sisters and Brothers.

Leaving My beloved Family and gave up everything

And sacrificed everything to be the Follower of Christ

I put on hold, my dreams, my normal desires

To live in the midst of the world with no desire for its pleasure

To be a member of every family yet belonging to none

God called me to save souls for Eternal Life.

I gave up my life wholeheartedly to serve God and others

To have a heart of for charity and a heart for chastity

As a warrior and compassionate servant of God

I carried onward, no matter the cost.

When Kerala floods washed away and destroyed the homes and lives

There was no path to escape the destructive violent rains!

I cried and broke out in loneliness and emptiness

when My Brothers and Sisters in Christ fell all around

Struggling to survive and save their lives from the Floods that was washing away

Those who survived floods were Emotionally, Physically Scared.

I watched as a Mother crying for their children,

when she had heard that her children had died.

I watched a Father trying to hold back his tears helplessly,

when his children are struggling and floating in the floods

And when his hard-earned house and properties were submerged in water

I saw many people crying for food and their basic needs

I saw the collapsing of Houses near My City

I saw Buildings tumble and fell to the ground.

I saw All the rain that caused floods.

With the streets becoming walls of mud.

I saw roads in neighborhoods were flooded that looked like canals

I saw Landslides dragged down many peoples and animal's life and trapped them for days

I saw even water rushing into flood relief camps

I saw many people and animals have died in flash floods.

I saw many more are injured and others made homeless.

I saw roads, bridges, farms, houses, crops and automobiles are destroyed

Water supply, electricity, internet, all communications were disrupted

And people struggled and suffered as a result.

I saw floods brought a lot of diseases and infections

I saw Sometimes insects and snakes made their ways to people's houses and caused havoc.

I saw the tears of many people and their heart breaking

I saw many Pregnant women and small children being lifted by Helicopters to save them

I saw many sick and elderly being carried by rescuers in their chairs upon their shoulders.

I saw people were in misery, homeless, helplessness and Fear

I fell down on my knees and cried out for God and said a prayer day and night

I begged God to pour his mercy on people's life

And to stop the Rain and to save the People of Kerala

I cry out for Gods light to shine till the darkness of floods disappeared

I earnestly Prayed that I live, to see the next day and save some life and offer help.

I too was one of the responders helping victims of floods to deal with overwhelming catastrophe

God indeed was our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Thank You Lord You never fail us and that You never left us alone.
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Dr Binny Mathew is currently serving as an Assistant Professor at the Department of English, St Berchman’s College, Changanacherry, Kerala and is a Ph. D Research Guide at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India.
He is a Chief Examiner and Member in Board of Examiners and a Research Guide & Coordinator of Value Education Department, Director of Catholic Students Movement and Director of Music Club at St Berchman’s College, Changanacherry, Kerala, India.

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