Contemporary Literary Review India | Print ISSN 2250-3366 | Online ISSN 2394-6075 | Vol 7, No 1: CLRI February 2020

Dr Sreekanth Kopuri


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Left in the vision behind

the broken eyeglasses,

the epitomised tools of labour

age and rest in a cosy embrace

with the blunt edged desire.


Here an engineer turned “Marxist”

holds a blunderous biography

re-shuffling the crumpled pages

of violence that do not fail to echo

their terminal voice


that recedes into the clarion call

of the crucified ‘silence’s love,

the edge of its nails dripping with

the crimson life, already suffused

into the burnt out voice that shines

only as a golden epitaph in the

London Highgate Cemetery.


Between the Genesis of life and

revelation of the truth termites are

born to live on the flesh that held

the guns of history and built the

ephemeral libraries that carry the

legacy of time-bound revolutions.


Today a handful of labour unionists

gather before the Machilipatnam

police station to organise a humble

leftist rally that ends with the alcoholic

puffs out of the slumber in the police van.

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A Letter to Bharata Ratna Dr. Br Ambedkar

American National Standards Institute Inc.

Dear Baba Saheb!


When I went to

the Government Bank

in Amaravati yesterday,

to see my son “Joseph”,

they said “none by such name”


but the watchman said

“your son is called Praveen

at his workplace, but

elsewhere on duty today.”


I was grateful to his kind words

and glad that he meant his name

which means, “talent”

that was in the Government records.


Then I remembered those words,

If one converts to Christianity

he ceases to be an Indian.


If my son diligently

disowns Christ

at his work and still be

a secret active member

in Church taking part

in the holy communion

and calls it Democracy,

do I then have a right

to re-baptise and put his

Government job at stake?


In a dream that night

I saw a wall with

your name on it and

on its right the dreams of my son

were honoured at the feet of

the emblematic lions fluttering

on the national flag,


on its left a handful of “apostates”

were walking away

from Chaitanya Bhoomi

crossed by a pride of

hungry lions near the

oldest Buddhist monastery

in Hemis national park

on the India’s head.


May be a Daniel

must come to judgement

for a dialogue between

the scheduled and

the unscheduled lives

of this Good Earth

for Christ’s sake.


About the Author

Dr Sreekanth Kopuri (M.A., M. Phil., Ph. D.) is an Indian English poet from Machilipatnam. Kopuri is a Professor of English in Vasavi College, Machilipatnam, dividing his time between teaching and creative writing. He is the author of two books of poetry Poems of the Void and The Shadows. He is the recipient of the Best Researcher Award for 2019 from ITSR Foundation, and JK International Award from JK Foundation from India for his research contributions to Indian English Poetry. He has recited his poetry and presented research papers in many reputed universities like University of Oxford UK, John Hopkins University USA, Heinrich Heine University Germany, Banja Luka University Bosnia, University of Caen France, University of Gdanski Poland Jagiellonian University Poland and Wilkes University USA.

His poems have been published in Impspired Magazine, The Heartland Review, Synaeresis Journal, A New Ulster, Word Fountain, Ann Arbor Review, Scryptic Magazine, Five 2 One, Vayavya, Paragon Journal, Foliate Oak Review, Halcyon days, Oddball, Forty Eight Review, McKinley Review, Ariel Chart, Poetcrit, Indian Periodical, Deccan Chronicle and in anthologies A Flood of Contentment, Land & Territory and Dementia Anthology USA and elsewhere.

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