Contemporary Literary Review India | eISSN 2394-6075 | Vol 6, No 4: CLRI November 2019

Poem by O. P. Arora


The Night

I watch the night

every night

dark or moonlit

it is starry quiet…

I sit by the night

watch it go

bit by bit…

No hurry, leisurely pace

like a philosopher

knowing the inevitable…

The night is calm, standstill

filling you with spiritual melody

unlike the day’s fret and fury

mind’s murderous assaults

ambition’s disastrous pacts

man on the material conquests…

The night consoles the tired nerves

relief to the tormented souls

all your furious ventures

your spurious aches

come to nought

into the dark entirely lost…

You wake up into Cosmic light

no blight, no fright, eternal delight

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The Other Way

He stole my wallet…

Call the police

at the next station

my wife insisted…

He had helped me a lot

lifted my luggage

given me medicine

brought me water bottle

risking missing his train…

Gave me the lower berth

put his own blanket on me…

So nice, so courteous

even my own wouldn’t sacrifice their sleep….

He took only a fraction

of what I charitably give to them

he took care of me

while they only shout at me…

He deserved much more

than what he took…

Oh, stealing!

A crime!

Who is not stealing here?

We are all criminals here…

Maybe, he really needed it
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When the Heart is Purged

After a long, long drought

it rained and poured

turned all the lanes into Venice…

They all panicked, got distraught.

But I enjoyed the downpour

opened up to the skies for more

I was quenched

I was drenched…

My frail body danced and flowered

every cell, sleeping in hell, tinkled

dip by dip, it seeped into my soul

romance of the divine, I became whole…

It lashed against my heart

hatred and anger, imbedded, inert

I felt free, rid of the rite

rolled in joy, ecstasy infinite


About the Author
Dr O. P. Arora is a renowned poet, novelist and short story writer. Seven volumes of his poems have endeared him to the readers and critics alike. His love for Nature, his penetrating social insight and his philosophical profundity lend a unique charm to his writings. His poems have been published in almost all the leading literary journals and have been generously included in most of the prominent anthologies. Exclusive full-length chapters on his poetry have appeared in various significant studies made by celebrated poets / critics on Indian English Poetry. He has been awarded Certificates of Excellence consecutively for two years, in 2018 & 2019, by The Poetry Society of India for his poems in their prestigious anthologies. Some of his poems have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese.
His three novels and a collection of his short stories have been highly appreciated as the true portrayal of contemporary India.
He has an excellent academic record culminating in his Doctorate in English Literature from Panjab University, Chandigarh. He has taught in Delhi University for nearly four decades.

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