Contemporary Literary Review India | eISSN 2394-6075 | Vol 6, No 4: CLRI November 2019

Poem by Dr Dalip Khetarpal

Thunder and Plunder C/O Narcissists

Narcissists, in ordinary life, are generally perceptible,

When observation is keen.

But even sans keen perception,

They could easily be perceptible

When a Facebook account is switched on.

As an idle mind is the devil's seedbed,

Facebook quite unwittingly becomes the seedbed

Of idle maniacs, releasing

A stormy wave of narcissists,

Of ego-surfers, to simply taste

Trivial fake 'likes' and empty praises

For even worthless achievements and works

Often with concomitant manipulative certificates

Of appreciation and commendation

Which they madly famish for,

Embellishing also their dreary slot

By feeding it with the superficial diet whereon

They also seem to survive.

Thanks to the Facebook creator for infusing new life

Into infinite narcissists and promoting their inane cause.

Strangely, equal praise is elicited

By both the ugly and beautiful,

The stupid and the intelligent,

Proving how ingratiating praises are also so false.

But the plethora of compliments and praises

Chokes the helpless, yielding Facebook.

Surfeited with such wild invasion and encroachment

It has been ailing with seeming vibrancy since its creation,

Ailing also, all its well-meaning sensible and intelligent users.

Does not all this seem to be a vain-gloriously orchestrated plan?

Narcissists rules where hapless Facebook surrenders!
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Death & Resurrection — Ultramodern Style

Once in a renowned hospital,

I chanced to see a dying man gaining instant resurrection

By suddenly grabbing

And throwing violently his ventilator,

Springing back to life and action

Simply on seeing a bombastic, exquisite and eulogistic comment

On his cell-phone display screen,

Flaunted by his attending tensive wife.

Suspended betwixt belief and disbelief,

I rubbed my eyes to ascertain

Whether it was a dream or reality.

FB succeeds where doctors and medical sciences fail

To resurrect or revive humans!

I was also quite taken aback

when I saw A girl riding a scooter

With her mobile tightly sandwiched between

Her left shoulder and left ear.

Lost in conversation, she jumped the red-light

And so, was crushed by a running car.

This time I didn’t rub my eyes

To ascertain the facts, ‘cause

I’ve learnt how facts are even stranger than fiction.


Cell-phone succeeds where gods and destiny fail

To decide the life and death of humans!

Resurrected pious souls are few e’en in scriptures,

But many are resurrected impious souls today, in truth.

Google not only makes way for

The infinite amount of information

Available on the web,

But also fills one’s emotional and intellectual vacuum;

It also renders unprecedented service

By providing a conduit for earning a new life,

Bringing many from the abode of the death

To this living world–like a divine power, effecting instant resurrection.

Ferrying the death to this world after enlivening them In the twinkling of an eye

Could be an act benign and divine,

But repeating the same indiscriminately with many humans

And regularizing it, is devastating,

Causing rather population explosion.

Christ’s resurrection is still unclear,

But resurrection through FB operators is galore----

---experienced and witnessed by many.

After resurrection death often raises its ugly head

When one detoxifies himself

From this advanced computing world even for a short while.

But, he knows the secret of re-resurrection

That propels him to exploit it over and over again,

Till he dies a FB addict one day.

Pitiably, all remedies discovered by medical sciences

Have also failed to de-addict such addicts

Though it is still unclear

Whether it is addiction or insanity.

Protean psychiatric treatment

And psychological counseling have also failed,

God also knows not the way to weed out

This outbreak of an epidemic of FB

Generated by cybernetic humans

Who have the expertise to measure the length and breadth

Of their joys and sorrows through it.

Strangely also painful to see

A host of starved FB users soliciting for empty likes,

Or, inviting their empty-mundane-petty achievements to be liked,

Simply to enrich their empty impoverished famished life

And inflate their deflated ego.

Poverty and richness of their psycho-somatic life so,

Is simply determined by the number of FB friends

And by the superficial quality of plethora

Of perennial accrual of comments

Emanating, surfacing.

For all that, intelligence or stupidity is surely reflected by

How one discerns and takes one’s praise.

How really earthly, but godly and divine is cybernetic man

That performs

Deeds, holy and miraculous

With greater speed, precision and efficiency

Than all Gods and angels!

How also really satanic and fallen is he

That also performs

Deeds, evil and malicious

With greater velocity, intensity and competency

Than all demons and evil spirits! American National Standards Institute Inc.

Big Pseudo Gods amongst Little Blockheads

Truth matters not, for perception, though false, is a reality.

People, vitiated with self-interest, biases and prejudices,

often color this mute helpless world with false perception,

with the way they want to see it and so, have ruined it--

--- pathetically, almost completely.

Clearly, selective blindness is lethal to humanity.

Spying and eyeing for a demi-god

His roving eyes roam the earth

To see the category of security,

The number of pilots, security guards and sniffer dogs,

The potentials to dare and scare the poor and weak,

The perfect image for which

He dies to be his doormat.

Carried rashly, if not blindly by his self-effacing drives,

He frantically longs to enter into kinship

With his perfect good-for-nothing, but ideal demi-god,

For he wants to be himself fearsome and empowered

With the powers of a potentate,

Not knowing the cheap, mean and empty sentiment and aims

Whereon he squanders his time and energies.

Famished for power and pelf

Man often falls from grace,

Willing to strip off all that is noble and virtuous,

He heartily, submissively, resorts to total surrender

And joyously sacrifices all his human and divine attributes

At the altar of degenerate, but seemingly true semi-god.

A passive and unwilling lamb bleats

While being sacrificed

But an active and servile stooge shrieks

With delight, gets instant resurrection

And reaps rewards unprecedented

Through his sacrifice----of principles, of morals,

Of everything that brings humanity laurels

By becoming the arbiter of human fate.

To be an eager replica of evil

With a smirk of contentment

Shows how evil is deeply entrenched in his psyche.

He poses to be larger than human life,

But in truth, is pettier than animal life.

He also poses to be blessed with a high IQ,

But in truth, is nothing more than a mule.

When our earth is infested with blockheads and mules,

Demi-gods must reign supreme.

Painfully again, there is still the dearth and demand of pseudo-gods

For the mushrooming growth of fools has outgrown them.

As the eternity of blockheads blesses demi-gods with eternal life,

Their evaporation only

Could vaporize pseudo-gods. Blurb

About the Author
Dr Dalip Khetarpal is an author, poet, critic, editor, and reviewer. He has worked as a Lecturer in English at Manchanda Delhi Public College, Delhi. He worked in various capacities, as Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and H .O. D (English) in various academic institutes in Haryana. He was a Dy. Registrar and Joint Director at the Directorate of Technical Education, Haryana, Chandigarh.

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