Contemporary Literary Review India | eISSN 2394-6075 | Vol 5, No 4: CLRI November 2018

Divya Gautam



It was always this way

Was always about the beauty

Hidden in the metaphors

Plain old words were exactly that

Plain, and old

Too simple for the glittery life

That the city claims is enviable.

There is a charm that hides

Behind small town stories

Spoken with the ease of understanding.

A smile is the only polish

That quaint words ever need

Hope, the only remedy

For sorrow stricken sentences

That peek out

From under a web of hesitation.

I want to tell those stories, someday

The ones that will never be written

But will die with the gazes that birthed them

Forgotten even after repetition

Like an adage that fell on deaf ears.

I want to live those lives, someday

The ones I have heard about

In books, older than my time

That still reek of knowledge

Near enough to grasp.

I want to see those places, someday

The ones that photographs don’t do justice

And stand on sheep filled hillsides

In lands where even the wind feels at home.

I want to be enough, someday

At least for myself

For what is this existence worth

If I cannot even calm this mind.

I want to know silence, someday

With all my words drained away

And all my paragraphs indented

With the peace that reigns

Over everything I am ever to become.
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The Night Beckons

It was on a Sunday night

That the old lady darted down the street

Oblivious to traffic speeding

The white of her hair

Acting as a crucial stop sign

I wonder where this night will take her

I wonder where this night will take me

The cars honk out a symphony

Stealing peace from the dark

And ushering me homeward

I wonder what she has to live for

I wonder what I have to live for

Threads of fate are tethers

Pulling me back, pulling her back,

Shoving this existence into our souls

Like morsels forced into full hands

We will never have enough

It was always too much to handle

She is so delicate and frail, traipsing

Through the roads like a fairy lost

I wonder if she knows her path

I wonder if I know my path

And so, the lost ones look

Where the night beckons

And follow.


Divya Gautam is a final year undergraduate student studying Mathematics and Economics at the University of Delhi. She has been published in online magazines like Syaahi, Leaves of Ink, and her work is forthcoming in many international literary journals like The Scarlet Leaf Review and The Punch Magazine.

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