Contemporary Literary Review India | eISSN 2394-6075 | Vol 5, No 3: CLRI August 2018

Abhishek Banderao Chatorikar



Sinwaves are called Signal

Binaries are Digital

So the Producer of Concept is Logic

And Exposer of logic is called as Knowledge.

There are Lots of Things

There are Lots of Minds

So Availability of Knowledge

Is Everywhere We decide.

Information Doesn’t Reside Knowledge

Data Doesn’t Reside Knowledge

But Our Own Understanding

Captures Our Knowledge.

Style of Thinking is Forever Residue

Knowledge is Deliverable Costue

So Talented peoples are not knowledgeable

And knowledgeable peoples are not Talented

But the Presence of Mind

Is Statue of Knowledge.

Flow of Repetition is Skill

Flow of Do is Activity

So Knowledge Sustains the Ability.

Implementation of Entity is idea

Implementation of idea is project

So knowledge implements ourselves.

We can stop the thinking By Negatives

We can accelerate the thinking by positives

So balanced state regains the knowledge.

Standardization means Purity

Application means scalability

So Knowledge requires surety.

Every Happening has cause

And every cause has effect

So knowledge invokes meaning information.

Festival means change

Change means Acceptance

So knowledge updates the talent

Mind means wave

Wave means up and down

So knowledge creates the wisdom

Invention requires creativity

Installation needs logical thinking

And knowledge needs the analytical thinking.

Truth is visible

Lie is temporary

So truth is positive side of knowledge

Lie is negative side of knowledge

So knowledge always empowers the perception

Thinking creates the thought

Brain controls the behavior

So knowledge requires the recreation.
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Abhishek Banderao Chatorikar is a Pune-based writer.

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