Contemporary Literary Review India | eISSN 2394-6075 | Vol 6, No 4: CLRI November 2019

Poems by Waheeda Khan


1. A Tiny Niggle

There's a niggle in my heart

A little desirous, a little resentful.

There's ~~a ~~moistness in my eyes

A little joyful, a little painful.

There's something missing in the


A little of mine , a little of yours -


When I first came to senses, the

world tried to assess me,

But, when I assessed the world, I was

left with lost senses.


'Never give up hope' was always

taught even to me,

But, when hope finally obliged me, my

own 'self' was hopeless to me.


Success and fame kissed those who

laid traps of voluble words,

But, when I released my silent dreams,

humiliation engulfed me.

Once I set out on a quest seeking

company of a soulmate,

But, when I found one, the quest of

my soul was left alone.

When there were smiles on my lips,

every audience sought me out,

But, the moment tears touched my

cheeks, I was left to seek all and



Sole intent ever was to escape the

fateful dark trench,

But, as soon as I emerged from it, I

lost my path in the glare around.

My heart was ever choked with throes

of woe,

But, when before an audience, I was

just left with a smile.

Every moment sleepy agony resided

so comfortably in me,

That, finally when joy glanced at me, I

was left in too deep a slumber.
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About the Author


Waheeda Bi Khan is from Karwar, Karnataka. She works currently as a Teaching Assistant at the Karnataka University P.G.centre for the english department. Her qualifications are M.A, B.ed, NET/SLET. She has been in the teaching profession since 2003.
She has been writing poetry since her teens as a hobby. Recently she has published a book of poems titled :FROZEN SMOULDERS through Cyberwit net. Her poems have also been published in the annual journal of The Poetry Society India in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 issues. She has been also publishing poems and research papers in the Ashwamegh monthly journal, The Literary Endeavour and The Tajmahal Review. Her poems are also part of a few anthologies by other authors. She has published a few articles in newspapers too. She basically writes in english but also likes to translate them into urdu. She is also part of many online poetry sites

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