Book Review on Rheea Mukherjee’s The Body Myth by Rakhi Dalal

  • Rakhi Dalal Mrs.
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Mira, Sara and Rahil are brought together to explore the struggle between body and mind when a relationship turns polyamorous. The transformation to a triadic from a dyadic relationship encapsulates author's attempt to explore how the characters may come to terms with life in the face of situations where they are trying to search for a purpose of their lives itself.


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Author Biography

Rakhi Dalal, Mrs.

Rakhi Dalal teaches Textile Design to Undergraduates at a University. She is an avid reader and blogger.

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Dalal, R. “Book Review on Rheea Mukherjee’s The Body Myth by Rakhi Dalal”. Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol. 6, no. 4, Nov. 2019, pp. 142-6,
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