A Mystique Journey Beyond Body

  • Dr. Urvashi Verma


A Mystique Journey Beyond Body is a poem by Dr. Urvashi Verma.


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Author Biography

Dr. Urvashi Verma

Dr Urvashi Verma, a dentist by choice and a public health professional in government department by destiny, is undeniably a poet at heart. Her journey into the realm of literature which has been unveiled till now, is expansive and boundless horizon of creative expression. This newfound venture has ignited a passionate spark within her, inspiring her to take the leap and make her poetic debut. Driven by an innate and unwavering love for words and storytelling, she finds solace, joy, and feel emotionally energized within the realm of literature.

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Verma, D. U. “A Mystique Journey Beyond Body”. Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol. 10, no. 3, Aug. 2023, pp. 194-6, https://literaryjournal.in/index.php/clri/article/view/1279.