“Dalit Children are Children Too”: Reframing the World of Dalit Children through Some Dalit Narratives

  • Samarjit Dutta West Bengal State University
Keywords: Dalit, kochuripana, Dalit children, Marginalised


The paper aims to focus on how children are being represented in Dalit Literature. The paper will further answer the question of whether there can be any Dalit Children's Literature. To answer the question of how children are being represented in Dalit Literature, my paper will include Surviving in My World: Growing Up Dalit in Bengal, Poisoned Bread and Interrogating my Chandal Life: An Autobiography of a Dalit. Dalit children are mostly portrayed as a labourer and the hardships of their lives are depicted vividly throughout. They are often tortured immensely for even a drop of water. It can be perceived that there prevail innumerable deaths of Dalit children which are often reported in newspapers oftentimes. My paper thereby will formulate the portrayal of Dalit children and will answer my research question as well.


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Author Biography

Samarjit Dutta, West Bengal State University

Sutadripa Dutta Choudhury teaches at Department of English, RKMV Sarada Maa Girl’s College and pursuing Ph D at St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata.


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