Contemporary Literary Review India | Print ISSN 2250-3366 | Online ISSN 2394-6075 | Impact Factor 8.1458 | Vol. 9, No. 2: CLRI May 2022

Rajamouly Katta

Drop of Water

tiny but myriad in stature

life in vigor to offer

but mere the drop of water

the eyes see it fall from the blue

shiny as a pearl in shine

a steep flight as the right

a fall for verdant wealth

seeds sown deep rise to the lower skies

a sojourn from ethereal to real

a fall to fill a heaven thro the heart

open to the rays for solar secrets

the shower knows where the ray kisses

a fest at its best is manifest

a pretty damsel in full dazzle

a bridge in her somersault

a gaze at huge charms for sweet chasms

a picture beyond skilled brushes

in heavenly seven, shines in its reigns

to say it is not tiny but shiny

a majestic show in the sky in magic ways

the drop of water and the rays

a matrimonial communion

for a paradise of off-springs

hearts celebrate when it feasts the eyes

it excels the pictures of painters

in imitation of its colours

the aesthetic heart charters

Flower's Message

On the stem the flower

In full bloom for all smiles

For the viewers in the bower

To fill their ways for miles

It faces storms and rains

In possible ways of its power

Bearing at its heart all pains

Saying, "The great, I'm Flower"

The story its life is brief

Its service and goal are great

Its love for the race is chief

For due praises at any rate

The flower glows in its grace

In laying the foundation

For the perpetuation of its race

For the seed preservation

In the heart at its sweet heart

For a fest for the palatal bliss

Reaches the soil in the art

To germinate well not to miss

The seed is born as an offspring

From the womb of the mother

After her labor pains bearing

For growth with skill in gather

When fed with warmth and water

By father sun and mother soil

In exuberance of verdant glitter

In all sportive spirit and toil

In youthful love, blooms a flower

It is its sole soulful sojourn

It shines in smiles in its power

A wise message in life to churn

Chaitali Sengupta is a published writer, translator, journalist from the Netherlands. A regular contributor to the Dutch online newspaper Eindhoven News, she writes and translates for other Dutch media platforms too. Her poems, short stories and articles have appeared in many literary platforms in India too, like Muse India, Indian Periodical, Borderless Journal, Setu Bilingual, The Asian Age, The Statesman, Different Truths. Her translated work “Quiet Whispers of our Heart” (Orange Publishers, 2020) received good reviews at the International Book Fair, Kolkata, India. Her poems are part of acclaimed anthologies, published from both the USA and India.

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