Mariners Lost in their Albatrosses

  • Jayendrina Singha Ray
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Mariners Lost in their Albatrosses by Jayendrina Singha Ray

Author Biography

Jayendrina Singha Ray

Jayendrina Singha Ray is a student of English Literature, pursuing a research degree. Her poems have been published in some journals, including Contemporary Literary Review India. She intends to be a writer/illustrator in future.

'Mariners Lost in Albatrosses' is inspired by Alfred Tennyson's poem 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'. A lot of the lines have direct parallels with his poem. It is about two people (from separate castes) in love, who like islands drift apart due to social constraints. This is a poem about crossing boundaries set by social norms (and hence the release that the theorist Helene Cixous talks about, and the free-flowing stream of consciousness method followed by Virginia Woolf). The act of crossing boundaries however, does not result in a fulfillment of their love. Being social beings, they have to drift apart with the guilt of transgression. Like Tennyson's mariner they are left to wallow in the guilt of transgression and the pangs of separation.

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