• Chandrashekhar Sastry


Talaaq by Chandrashekhar Sastry

Author Biography

Chandrashekhar Sastry

Chandrashekhar Sastry is a widely travelled engineer-scientist now retired and living in Bangalore. He has studied in Bombay, Germany and in the UK and worked in Mumbai, Pune , Kolkata and Bangalore.

C Sastry is a published author and has won several prizes for his short stories. His first book The Non Resident Indian – from Non-being to Being (Panther 1991) was a path breaking study on the Indian diaspora.

His second book was a novel The Tanjore Painting (Partridge –Penguin 2014) dealing with the cultural imports that non residents carry to their new homelands. He has contributed to various journals including The Little Magazine, The Times of India, The Deccan Herald and the Statesman.

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