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CLRI Invites Original Papers on Classic Authors


CLRI has started a new section dedicated to classic authors of English literature. We invite critical essays on poems, stories, dramas, novels and other genres. This section will be targeted to the requirement of the students at graduate and post graduate level students and not higher than this. The essay paper must not be like research papers or criticism. It should not be like classroom lectures as well. It should be of the standard of the books brought out by the Casebook series. But you have to write your original paper.

For Casebook Series, refer to

1. Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" (Casebook) by J.J. Anderson (

2. Middlemarch by George Eliot (New Casebooks Series) (



Copy the original text from the classic manuscript. Write the modern English along for each stanza, if it is poetry.  For example, that of Geoffrey Chaucer. In case of prose, no need to use the original text. Cite ample paragraphs in your paper.


Write a brief history about the author and how or on what occasion the author wrote the work.


  • Convert text into phonetic transcription.
  • Discuss rhyme scheme, meter, and scansion.
  • Add more elements if you prefer.


Elaborate the topic. You decide your topic yourself. Example of a topic, “Doctor Faustus in the play of the same name Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe is the first negative hero in the history of English drama.

Copyright Law

You can use the original text freely if the authors have passed away hundred years ago from 2016. To begin with you can prepare your papers on the sixteenth century English writers. For writers listing refer to the 16th-century English writers online.

English Language

English language should be of very high standard. Well written, edited and proofread.

Paper Count (Online Edition)

We target to include about five papers in our online quarterly editions.

Print Edition

The best paper from our online editions will be included in our annual print edition. The authors will be given one contributory paperback copy for free.

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Vol 3 No 3: CLRI August 2016

CLRI August 2016, Vol 3, No 3 brings to you a beautiful collection of POEMS by Kuldipsinh Jadeja, Arshi Garg, Dr Javed Latoo, Kazim Ali, Vinod Khanna, Patrick James Wilson; STORIES by Nilanjan Bhowmick, Sadia Riaz Sehole, Pavle Radonic, Akhileshwari Anand Raj, Shobha Diwakar, Chandrashekhar Sastry, Kazim Ali; RESEARCH PAPERS (Criticism) by Dr Dalip Khetarpal, Dr Divyabha, Sharonee Dasgupta; and BOOK REVIEWS Er. Vinod Khanna, Gary Beck, Dr. Sukanya Saha; ARTICLE by Bhumika Marolia; and book releases.

Vol 3, No 3, CLRI August 2016

Published: 2016-09-04
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